first post, have to begin somewhere

First posts; they’re always such hell, aren’t they? Where do you start? What do you say?

I mean, come on already, Tiffany. It’s not like you’ve never done this before. I have, by the way.

Maybe you’ll get lucky. Maybe the post just writes itself.

There you are, hovering over the publish button, questioning everything you’ve just written. Is it really what I want my first post to say?

Doubt and uncertainty flood your mind, you start to panic at the thought of pushing that button.

Maybe you do like I’ve done. Proudly push that publish button. Don’t give it a second thought. There. Done.

Maybe that wasn’t the best first post. Maybe that wasn’t a good post, period. You start to question everything you thought you felt about those words. They haunt you all night.

Log in, click delete, and back to the writing board again. This happens to be my fourth first post, and the site itself is only two days old. Don’t judge. 😂

You want your first post to give new potential readers a chance to get to know you. After all, how else are they going to decide if they’d like to read you regularly. (you can follow me here on this page or follow the links to any of my social media sites)

You don’t want to rehash the same about me stuff that they can read elsewhere on the site. You also shouldn’t bombard them with shameless advertising for your books. What does that leave?

I don’t know. I hid it in this anecdotal advice piece. 😂

Have a great piece of first post advice or a story of first post struggles? Share below. Like this post? Why not share it?

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