Exhaustion 💤

I think I may be stretching myself a wee bit thin.

I work from home, so the household chores automatically fall on me. Hello, I’m working, too. I’m home. That’s enough. I’m doing the chores.

Recently, I got the bright idea to up and move my website. It was necessary, but still requires a lot of work. Bear with me while I do a whole lot of tweaking in the coming weeks.

Today, I decided to sever my six year long relationship with KDP. Ironically, it so happens to be the six year anniversary of the release of Child Eater. I had to do a little tweaking on the old ebook file, and then I registered with draft2digital. Already, ebooks of Child Eater and Bully Troubles are popping up on ebook websites around the world.

I cannot epublish to Amazon until it’s been five days since I unpublished from KDP. They’re weird, and strangely controlling, especially when you consider that the author retains all rights.

And, of course, there is my never ending quest for knowledge. I’m deep in the research stages of my upcoming historical fiction based in historic 1860-70’s Iowa.

It’s not uncommon for me to have my phone browser open to one site, my laptop to another, my kindle open to my current history book, History of Harrison County Iowa — Joe H Smith (1888), and my son’s fire stick booted up to Library of Congress’s Chronicling America site.

By the end of the day, I can barely string a thought together. Usually one to lay awake in bed for hours, I’ve been unconscious soon after my head hits the pillow.

It’s beautiful to be working again. I am so excited to have a project I’m so excited about. I’m enjoying learning everything I can about what life was like for Jesse and Mary in early Iowa. I am loving reading the descriptive prose that paints the beautiful landscapes so expertly that I could almost believe I’m truly there.


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