Yeah, not happening…

I was all set to settle in and research. I had my cup of coffee, my notebook and pen, and my kindle.

I had finished all the little tasks I’d planned to tackle before settling in. I’d even stopped by here and checked in with all of you.

I should be all set to go. Right?

Until I actually started. I must have reread that first sentence at least a dozen times. “Missouri Valley was for twenty-five years last past known as McIntosh Point, and to the casual observer presented no distinctive features except that it was the place where the Boyer river debouches into the Missouri Bottoms.” Nothing so special. Nothing too difficult to understand. Nothing too boring.

Still, I read it again, then answered my daughter’s question, then read it again, followed by quick snuggles with Odin, after reading it yet again, I made my rounds on social media, then you guessed it.

I’ve decided to accept the fact that my brain is just scattered today. Attempt at focus is futile.


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