History on Netflix

Monday rolled around. The first Monday without Bear. The first day I had to face without my husband by my side. It was hard. Is hard. I am grief stricken. There is a giant hole inside of me that feels like an endless pit of sorrow. That place where my precious Bear B used to be.

There I was, not knowing what to do without Bear. How could I just go back to business as usual while my heart was shattered into a million pieces? I didn’t want to work. I hated the idea of going on with my life.

I was looking through Netflix for something to watch when I came upon The West. Being ever devoted to my novel and my research, I decided to give it a look. True, Iowa isn’t a part of the West, but there was a segment on the building of the railroads, which I know Jesse was a part of.

As for the series itself, I truly enjoyed it. It is poignant and powerful. It is a true telling of the oppression of many and the white man’s unyielding belief that he was/is entitled to that which he desires. Letters and diaries are read and the filmmakers immerse the viewer in the struggles and triumphs of the West. I strongly recommend it!

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