Enough is enough

When Bear died [Heartbroken], I wasn’t in the mood for research, reading, focusing, thinking, or really functioning at all. I took to the couch and found something to zone into on Netflix.

First, I watched a documentary [History on Netflix] that included the building of the railroad. Jesse helped build the railroad. This counted as research. Kind of. Right?

After that, it was The Pinkertons. (not happy how they ended it, btw 😠) That’s 1865 in Kansas City, Missouri. Jesse was a child in Benton Township, Polk County, Missouri in the 1860s. It’s only a 49 hour walk (according to Google maps), so I’m only stretching by 150 miles. 😂

Benton Township, Polk county, Missouri to Kansas City, Missouri

There were a few others I started. I’m currently watching Hell on Wheels. The setting is the rolling town that follows along the building of the Union Pacific from Council Bluffs, Iowa to join the Central Pacific in connecting East to West.

True, I make my jokes that it counts as research, but it only works to keep me in the mind frame and, perhaps, suggest areas I may wish to delve a little deeper.

Being honest, I’ve also rewatched quite a chunk of the first season (or two) of Criminal Minds, too. No way to spin that into research at all. 😆

It became all too easy to just be a couch potato. Grief can do that to you.

Today, I’ve decided that enough is enough. I’m buckling down and settling back into History of Harrison County Iowa by Joe H Smith (1888).

When last I set it down, I’d just arrived in Missouri Valley, Iowa. I was excited for this arrival because Missouri Valley is where my own grandfather was born.

If you need me, I’ll be off experiencing the birth and growth of early Iowa.

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