Shenanigans in an early Christian church

Whilst he was a child, David R Dungan, son of the Rev. James Dungan, played a joke on an unsuspecting victim who was seeking Christ and religion at a meeting of the Disciples of Christians.

While a protracted meeting was being held in the neighborhood of Elk Grove, among those who felt like repenting and finding forgiveness for their sins, was Mr. John Berrill, who having gone to the altar, soon had young Duncan at his side, the latter then not feeling religiously inclined, and while at the side of the unsuspecting Berrill, cautiously and secretly placed a deck of cards in his pocket, expecting that when Berrill would begin to feel real sorry, he would turn on the water works, and therefore would need his handkerchief, and hence placed the cards in the same pocket where the handkerchief was kept.

The plan was well laid, and as successfully executed, for soon after Berrill began to shed copious quantities of tears, and when drawing his handkerchief, scattered a deck of cards in every direction, to the consternation of all the “meetin’ folks” and the infinite amusement of those who loved harmless fun.

When questioned by his father, he said, “Father, do you think I would be guilty of such infamous conduct?” The reverend had such faith in his son, that he declared, “I do not think David is guilty.”

History of Harrison County Iowa by Joe H Smith (1889)


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