Flip My Halo

When I was a girl, my parents gave me a birthday card that said something about a flipped halo and parked wings, basically saying that I wasn’t a little angel anymore. I don’t really remember the card anymore, and it’s long since found its way to the trash dump, but something about it always stuck with me through the years. This poem was somewhat inspired by that birthday card.

Flip My Halo

At times I flip my halo

And may sometimes park my wings

But even then I know

You’re still watching over me

I’ve made some poor decisions

And done things I regret

But still I know You love me

No matter what my faults

So when I flip my halo

Or even park my wings

I’m glad that You remember

It’s just the way

That You made me

Tiffany Higgins ©2007

dawn’s early light ShldBWriting

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