The Two-Way Street That Wasn’t

I went hunting for more of my poems I might still have lying around. Like I said in Poetry, I was dumb and threw away the majority of my poems many years ago. Here is the only other poem I was able to locate.

The Two-Way Street That Wasn’t

I’ve been there for you

Whenever you needed me.

You had my ear

And a shoulder to cry on.

Your celebrations have been mine

And I’ve been happy to share them.

I’ve comforted you

Supported you

I’ve calmed your fears

And encouraged your successes.

Yet, here I sit

Alone again

Wondering what friendship means to you

I give and give

Asking for nothing in return

But, sometimes, I wish

You gave me

Half of what I have given you.

Tiffany Higgins ©2011

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