In case you were wondering

If you’re following along, then you know by now that I’m in the early stages of a new novel, Once Upon a Time in Iowa.

My #amwriting posts

If you read me here on my blog or you follow me on twitter, you may have started to notice posts that talk about Once Upon a Time in Iowa, such as Getting to know you….

In these posts, I’m sharing some of my writing process with you. I introduced characters who have no personalities simply because I haven’t developed them yet.

These posts are working as a form of notes for me. They are unplanned and mostly unedited.


Just about everything that I post in these notes is subject to change.

I said I posted characters who have no personalities, and it’s true. If I wrote Mary as I’ve introduced her to you in Getting to know you… I can guarantee you’d have put the book back on the shelf not far into the first few pages.

I assure you, she will not be the boring maiden who only does her chores and never has any fun. Those are my notes placing their role in the family – placing importance on the supporting characters and leaving Mary to squirm a bit.

Growing and changing

Just like we all do, Once upon a Time will be forever changing as it blossoms into the historical fiction I know it can be. As I nurture and nourish it, almost everything is subject to change — even the title.

What won’t change.

Mary Cardelia, Lewis, Sanders, Laura Bell, and their mother, Mary Elizabeth, will be in the home. Their brothers William and Meridian will have roles, though I am not sure of the extent, yet. And, of course, Jesse will arrive at some point during the course of Mary’s story.

I’ve never done this before

I’ve never shared so much of my process before. I’ve never let people in on the ground floor, providing glimpses and sneak peeks into the world of my story.

Usually I keep it all tight to the vest, not even giving my own husband any insight, but, from the onset, this story has been different. I’ve been sharing insight and bouncing ideas off of my family and leaking little tidbits to all of you.

I just thought I should let you know I’m only just beginning, and everything I share is standing on the butcher’s block.

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