Are you sure it’s Friday?

It’s hot in the house today. The dryer is running, and the cool breeze doesn’t seem to be reaching the windows.

Here I sit, with zero motivation, on the front porch steps. The cool breeze flowing past me, playing with my hair, tugging wisps loose from the twist I’ve clipped to the top of my head.

The branches from the maple tree keep tap tap tapping on the porch roof above my head. Each time the breeze picks up, the maple showers me with helicopters.

The children sit quietly subdued at the park behind my house; no laughter, no running, no fun. At least they aren’t fighting today.

Maybe it’s the heat that’s got us all feeling this way. It’s much cooler to sit and relax in the shade where the cool breeze can reach you. Maybe it’s the high ozone keeping everyone so unmotivated. Does ozone do that? I’m too lazy today to run a search.

Here I’ll sit, in quiet reflection, while the quietness caresses me like the breeze that carries it. The gentle sounds of nature interrupted only occasionally by the sound of traffic cruising down the distant freeway.

I can call it a mindfulness day. Spend some time on meditation and self reflection. Purge myself of the demons that haunt me, or at least quiet them for a bit. Perhaps I’ll grab my copy of Being Aware of Being Aware and read a little further.

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