“My Old Dog Fluffy”

Before I present to you my first story, I would like to give you just a little bit of background. Fluffy was my first pet, and I loved her tremendously. She was a yellow lab/golden retriever mix. She was sweet and loving. I would cover her with my blanket and lay on her while watching TV. She was, quite possibly, my best friend.

In first grade, I became a big sister. When my little sister was born, my parents decided that a dog who runs away all of the time and eats the Christmas tree was just too much of a burden for my mother to handle while caring for the new baby. They told me they took her to live out the rest of her days on a farm.

This is a rather sad story, written by a second grader with a broken heart.

Copyright Notice

The copyright page registers the copyright to my old second grade classroom of my elementary school.

Lincoln School

211 South Sixth Avenue
St. Charles, IL 60174

Though, I believe that as the author I am allowed to share the work as I see fit, and I do not believe that my old elementary school would come after me for sharing my work, I did figure I should probably make mention of the copyright discrepancy just in case, and a little shout out to room 2D.


This early publishing experience left a lasting impression on me. I knew from the moment that they handed me my book I wanted to be an author. I wanted to see my name on more books. I also learned how to use writing to work out my emotions.

And so, here it is. The story that started it all:
**I transcribed every word – typos and all – for the visually impaired and those who have trouble loading photos.

My Old Dog Fluffy

a story written and illustrated by Tiffany A Messer — 2nd grade

Cover of "My Old Dog Fluffy" by Tiffany A. Messer
“My Old Dog Fluffy” by Tiffany A. Messer copyright 1986-1987
Inside the cover
Certificate of Achievement – Young Author’s Contest
copyright page
Copyright 1987-1988 -by 2D Lincoln School St. Charles, Illinois
title page
My Old Dog Fluffy
page 1
We got Fluffy, my dog, when I was four and got rid of her when I was six and a half years old. I miss her. I gave her a kiss and hug and Brian gave her a hug.
page 2
I’m not sure if Brian misses her, but I hope he does. If not, I still do. I wish I could see her again. I hope she never dies, and she doesn’t get put in the dog pound.
page 3
She was twenty five in dog life and twenty in our life. Pretending that my pound puppy is her might feel like she’s in the place of my pound puppy. Ir may get the bad thoughts about Fluffy out of my system.
page 4
Fluffy never cried when she had to be punished for doing something bad.
page 5
The family had a hard time getting used to Fluffy not being there. My Uncle Chris’s dog, Cory, seemed to be sad after we got rid of Fluffy. Cory whined and whined and went on and on whining. We all miss Fluffy very much.
page 6
Cory still begs for food just like Fluffy.
page 7
I almost started to cry when I said, “I’ll name my pound puppy Fluffy. I started to feel better now that I’m happier. I ignore all my sadness. I love her very much.
page 8
When she was a pup she used to crawl on the shelf or in the cabinet on our coffee table. My mom has a picture of her in one of the shelves.
page 9
She will always be number one dog in my heart. Now that it’s safe to have a dog around the baby I’d like to have Fluffy back.
page 10
Nomatter how much dogs I see, Fluffy is still going to be number one dog.

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