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If you’ve been following along, then you know that I am participating in the #FrightFall readathon [#FrightFall #readathon — starting line —] and that I’ve been fighting off a severe case of writing stage fright (still not sure if that’s truly a thing) [Excitement, nerves, and a case of avoidance] when faced with the current section of Once Upon a Time in Iowa. This post will include updates on both of those things.

the jitters

Yesterday, I spent the morning avoiding facing the next section in Once Upon a Time in Iowa with a vengeance. Ultimately, I had to face the facts that I was out of ways to procrastinate and had to face the music.

I had the scene written. Kind of. It was really just the bare bones of getting started. Then I needed to continue on from there. I managed it, though it was rough. It’s still just a skeleton. I avoided doing any description. It bothered me all night.

I know I need to go back and fill in those spaces. The details given are sporadic at best. I made sure to include all of the kids names and ages. It’s even pointed out that they are running around naked, splashing each other with water. This is more a testament to the oppressive heat that has followed the storm than any description of the kids.

With the mother, I was even more vague. She sits beneath the shade of a tree, I believe I may have even pointed out the type of tree. A good piece of description… about the scenery. I must go back. I must give her the thick, dark hair I imagine her to have. I need to describe the way she’s fanning herself in an attempt to cool down. I remembered to point out the lemonade she was serving was warm.

The truth is, it’s a mess. I can’t even call it first draft worthy. There it hangs, so bare it’s only bones. Bones I’ve thrown a few globs of flesh at, and a handful may have even stuck. It sounds like I’m writing for the #FrightFall readathon categories. I’m not. I’m just living my own kind of horror story.

#frightfall readathon

I started the readathon with Little Girls by Ronald Malfi. It was recommended by our readathon hostess, Michelle. I expect I will finish it today (expect another update tomorrow for a full review). It’s a ghost story. That’s what it says. It seems the only thing haunting Laurie are her memories. I’m utterly terrified to find out just how depraved those secrets she buried deep inside of herself are. I’ve got a really bad feeling about it. But, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the things that go bump in the night really are ghosts in the belvedere.

#frightfall prize update

Michelle is still looking for giveaway prizes to go along with the readathon. All authors, all genres welcome. If you are interested in donating, you can contact Michelle here.

I am donating two copies of Child Eater. I know it’s not a baby anymore, but it fits with #frightfall. It’s a supernatural suspense thriller. Called scary by some. Plus, I have a few copies lying around, and I saw that Michelle was still calling for more prizes.

it’s not too late

Lastly, I’d like to remind everyone that it’s not too late to join in on the reading fun. Check out Michelle’s post for more information.

One last thing…

I heard about this site — Ko-fi — where you can set up a page for your fans to buy you a cup of coffee. It sounds kind of cool, so I thought I’d give it a try. You can buy me a coffee anytime by clicking the widget here on my blog. It looks like this:

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

Productive writing and happy reading to all!

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