#frightfall #readathon #amreading update

Here’s the week two update on what I’ve been reading since I left the #FrightFall #readathon starting line.

Sadly, no one raised their hand when I called for authors to show me their scary books even with the offer of a no strings review and the sale that comes from my choosing their book. That’s alright. It’s a readathon, and the requirement to participate is that I am reading, and I’ve already read one — as required — scary book.

Coffee and a book

With my morning coffee, I’ve been reading about coffee. I’ve been reading Coffee: Its History, Cultivation, and Uses by Robert Hewitt [pub. 1872] for research to ensure that the coffee the Hecox family prepares is prepared properly.

It’s actually been an enjoyable read. I enjoy the way Hewitt speaks to the reader. I’ve learned some interesting things about coffee. I’m planning to write a post over on my new ko-fi blog next week.

80s cartoons

Alright, so this doesn’t count as reading, but it’s been a part of my day since the start of this thing. My — 20 year old — son has been watching 80s cartoons during the hours before work. I can’t help but join him.

He started with He-Man which took from the first of October up until the ninth to finish. He’s now alternating between She-Ra — kind of a continuation of He-Man — and The Real Ghostbusters — he’s a die hard Ghostbusters fan.

Hecox family read along

You may remember that I’ve decided the book the Hecox family will be reading in Once Upon a Time in Iowa will be Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. My afternoons have been filled with Alice’s adventures.

Oh the adventures we’ve been having this week. We’ve chatted with a caterpillar. Oh what a frustrating chat indeed. We met the cook, the duchess, Pig, and the Cheshire cat. We’ve been to the tea party where it’s always tea time for the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, and the sleepy little dormouse. Only just now we’ve made it back to the beginning and through the tiny door into the beautiful garden.

Still Looking

I’d love to find another scary book to read for the FrightFall readathon, and I’d love for it to be a book by you. If you have a book that fits the bill, tell me about it. I’m not looking for a pitch, just a link.

That about sums up this week. Read previous updates here — #frightfall #readathon #amreading update — or here — Update central — and you can read my review of the first book I read for the FrightFall readathon here — “Little Girls” by Ronald Malfi.

Happy reading and a FrightFall October!

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