A Case of the Mondays

I wrote a whole blog entry spilling out the woes of being on this dreadful day shift. It’s absolutely terrible, and I never missed it. I never missed the six am alarm, or the being up before the sunrise. I rather enjoy watching the sun rise before I head to bed. I feel sorry for all the people who have to drag themselves out of bed before the sun has touched the sky.

But nobody wants to hear me complain. Hell, I don’t want to hear me complain. It was around when I hit the point of bitching about my laundry that I knew that post had to go. Now, I’m left with the new dilemma of what to write.

I left the title

A case of the Mondays. It seems a fitting title for the way I’m feeling today. Staying up way too late on the weekends because it’s kind of our chance to be on our real schedule. November isn’t too far away, is it? Then it’s back to business as usual. But Mondays are never any good, are they? So, I think I’ll leave the title how it is.

A plan for the week

It’s Monday, and I can guarantee I won’t be getting any actual work done today. My Monday brain almost never feels like writing, and this early morning fog only increases that difficulty. That’s okay. Better that I don’t destroy all that I’ve worked so hard to create with one terrible day. I’ll write tomorrow.

I tried to pick up where I left off in my coffee book, but my eyes kept going cross. I don’t think I’ve consumed enough coffee to understand all this talk about plantations in Mocha or Java. It just makes me want a Mocha made with really strong Java. I’ll read it with my Tuesday morning coffee.

Read and write tomorrow. Okay, I have a plan for the week.

What about today?

Is it too early to go to bed? Maybe just a little nap before I have to start the laundry. Have I mentioned yet how much I hate Mondays? How about how much I hate being on this shift? Today I think I’ll mostly spend my day just hating Mondays and hating this shift. Can I devote an entire day to that? Nah. That would take up entirely too much energy, which, in case you haven’t gathered, I have absolutely none of.

I may try to read, if I can make my eyes focus. I finished Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland over the weekend, as I predicted I would. I may have to start Through the Looking Glass just because I was so disappointed that the story was already over. I also have another Goodreads giveaway win — The Confessions of Socrates by R.L. Prendergast — to read.


And I can’t forget that there’s sure to be a The Real Ghostbusters cartoon marathon before my son goes to work. I should also pencil in a fight or four with my (almost) teenaged daughter who has to argue about pretty much everything these days, every day.

A case of the Mondays

It’s wet and rainy and more than a little gray. The weekend was far too short and the alarm came way too early today. If that’s not a good enough reason to call it a Monday, then I don’t know what is. I’m going to embrace my case of the Mondays and use it as an excuse to do exactly nothing I don’t have to do.

Today’s motto: there’s always tomorrow…

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