Words Aflutter

I came to wordpress, not really sure what I was going to write. I didn’t have a plan, just a million ideas running through my head. I could give ya’ll another update, but there really isn’t much to report. I could have just left, nothing concrete to say. Instead, the following poem is what happened.

I used to write poetry all the time. As a teenager, I had notebooks filled with them. Most of them were absolutely terrible. Still, poetry is a great form of expression, and it helped me through many dark days.

Words Aflutter

So many thoughts floating ’round my head,

It’s hard to pin down just one.

If I could just grab it and keep it still

I’d be writing beautiful prose.

Here I sit, fingers poised

Ready to begin.

Words flutter by

Alighting on my peripheral.

They’re a tickle in my brain,

Like an itch that I cannot scratch

Always just out of reach.

But when I catch one and pin it down

Its stories I will keep.

by Tiffany Higgins


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