#FrightFall #Readathon weekly update

It’s already week three, and October is more than halfway over. Is it just me or has 2018 just kind of flown by? I swear we should still be somewhere back in the middle of summer. Not that I’m complaining. I love the fall. It is my favorite season, though I miss those days of Indian Summers where the autumn air had arrived and the leaves were all changing color, but the warmth of the sun still lingered and the frost and freeze warnings stayed away.

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Alice’s adventures ended

For my October readalong, I’ve been reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland along with the family in my upcoming book, Once Upon a Time in Iowa. This is the book they will be reading as a family in the evenings. I thought it would be a good idea to read it again.

I love reading Alice’s adventures. It’s a bit different than watching the movies — which I love. There was a little disappointment to it. I was reading the original for free on my Kindle. There are times that the original text references pictures that were in the book. Amazon, apparently, did not feel it necessary to include these images. What can I expect from the free version, I suppose. I will now need to research those original images before the family reads those sections.

I was also disappointed when it came to an end and Alice found herself once more beneath the tree with her sister. Probably not nearly as disappointed as Alice was, I’m sure. I had forgotten that her sister took a quick trip to Wonderland herself at the end of the book. I think I will be reading Through the Looking Glass before long.

Drowning in coffee

For research, I have been immersed in Coffee, Its History, Cultivation, and Uses by Robert Hewitt Jr. It’s taken me about two weeks to read through it. I found a lot of useful information that will make Once Upon a Time in Iowa more authentic. I also learned quite a bit about coffee that I never even thought about before.

A picture of a coffee plant from Hewitt's "Coffee, Its History, Cultivation, and Uses"
a Town Councillor of Leeds was writing out a bill of fare and instead of the traditional kauhi, he spelled it kawphy and a new word was born.


You can check out my post — A History of Coffee — over on my ko-fi page.

Other reads

In A Case of the Mondays, I wrote that I planned on starting The Confessions of Socrates by R.L. Prendergast which I won in a Goodreads giveaway. I have not started it, yet. To be honest, my son has been on a The Real Ghostbusters cartoon marathon, and I have been watching along with my Kindle in my lap. If my weekend doesn’t end up being too busy, I will probably start it then.

I haven’t decided where my research will take me next. Most likely, I will be writing along when I come across a problem which I need to solve, and this will spawn my next bout of research.

That wraps up my reading activity for week three of the Frightfall Readathon. I still can’t believe how quickly October is flying by.

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