an update of sorts

I must confess that I am a terrible readathon participant. I started off strong, and it was great. Then, I lost momentum. Here it is, Thursday, and I haven’t read much beyond blog posts, articles, and a little quick research.

What have I been doing?

I’ve been writing. It’s become apparent to me that Once Upon a Time in Iowa isn’t going to write itself. I didn’t think it would, but a girl can hope. The shoemaker got little elves to help him after all. In the meantime, I will just have to do the dirty work myself.

I had written myself into a pretty nasty plot hole [How about a little…], and I had solved the problem but was avoiding writing the new storyline [Excitement, nerves, and a case of avoidance]. I swallowed all that down with a cold swig of coffee and set about working through it [Update central].

Sweating it out

I went back and filled in some of that scene that was more bones than story. It still needs more work, more fluffing so to speak, but it at least flows with the story now. After a sweltering trip cutting through a neighbor’s cornfield — the corn sweats as much as we do [Blame Corn Sweat] — Mary Cardelia has returned home. She dealt with a horse sized tantrum and had a little impromptu pow-wow with her siblings. She and Laura Bell talked while preparing dinner, and Laura Bell had herself a little incident with the onions. Okay, that last was more of a rewrite than new writing, but still Once Upon a Time in Iowa continues to grow and grow.

My insanity is ending

You may be wondering why I’m giving you an update on a Thursday. Then again, you may not. Either way, I’m going to answer that question. As of tomorrow, my husband is on vacation for TEN whole days! I’m not entirely certain just how much I am going to get accomplished over the next few days. I thought I’d throw this update in today and then I’m good for the week.

Having my husband home for an entire week (the ten days is me including weekends) isn’t even the best part. After his vacation has ended and he returns to work, he will be back on his normal schedule. No more waking up at SIX AM which is not much more than an hour past our normal bedtime. As of tomorrow, we can go back to our normal schedule, the schedule that our kids have remained on these two long months that we’ve been on the opposite end of the clock.

After the honey-do list

Like any wife would, I’ve got a list of things I’d like to get done while my husband is home. Things that he puts off because he’s tired from work, or things that I’ve thought of that need to get done. He has plans for relaxation and video games, I’m sure. This should leave me with plenty of time to read and write while he is home.

That’s about it for this week’s update. Like I said, I’m a terrible readathon participant.

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I’m off to 1872 Iowa. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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