ReReleasing “Child Eater”

January 25th will be the six-year anniversary of the release of Child Eater. It feels like a lifetime ago. By the time I released Child Eater, I’d read it so many times that I was downright sick of it. Fellow authors might know how I felt.

After its release, I set it aside. I’d done my part. I could talk about it and sell it without having to look at it again. Right?

Child Eater, original cover
Child Eater, original cover

I picked it up and read it again

That’s right. That book that I swore I’d read a hundred times and I wasn’t gonna read it even one more. I decided to give it that hundred and first read. If you have an old story you’ve written that you haven’t read in a while, I strongly encourage you to pick it up and check it out. You might be pleasantly surprised. I was.

It’s been so long since I wrote Child Eater. I was surprised to find that I didn’t remember as much of the story as I thought. It’s not that I’d forgotten it, or even that I remembered it differently. It was still my story and everything was exactly as it should be. All the little details, the things that make it my own, helped me to reconnect with it all.

Falling in love all over again

It was great, this story that I hadn’t read in so long. I was reading along sitting beside my husband, who was playing some game or another on the Xbox. I looked over at him and said, Hey, this book is pretty good. He asked what I was reading. I told him, Child Eater. He chuckled at me and agreed that it is, indeed, a good book.

I couldn’t put it down. Is that a crazy thing to say about your own book? After six years, I really expected to find that it was garbage. Crap. I hated it. Is that an awful thing to say about your own book? I think I just needed to reconnect with it. To be a part of it again. To consume it and make it a part of me.

Now that we’re reunited

It’s always nice to reconnect with an old friend. That’s what it was like as I turned the pages. When I was finished, I closed the book. That’s what you do after you’ve read that last sentence, right? I looked at the cover. Ugh. There it was again. Taunting me. Tifanne Messer.

I don’t hate the pen name. I put a lot of thought into it. I loved it at the time. I’m not her anymore. A part of me always hated that I thought I needed a pen name. I thought that having a scary supernatural mystery thriller with some grown-up elements meant that I couldn’t publish it under the same name as my children’s books.

I’ve since come to the decision that this simply isn’t true. It’s also far too complicated to try to keep up with more than one identity. I just wanted to be me. One name. My name. With just a little tweaking, I had the book ready to republish under my own name. Goodbye, nom de plume.

Five-year-old Alice White is missing. Her room was left in shambles. Nothing about this small town, or its haunting woods, is normal. Is the
Child Eater, new cover

And here we are

With a new cover and a new print on demand publisher, I have rereleased Child Eater, for your reading pleasure. You can find it almost anywhere books are sold. Here are a few links to get you started.

Books2Read (ebook hub)



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