A poem about friendship

This morning, I went searching for my old poetry. The stuff I wrote way back in the third grade when I was still learning about poetry. I didn’t manage to find it, though I did find my creative writing folder from that same year.

The reason I was looking for it is that I have a poem in my head. It’s one I know I wrote back then. I remember writing it. Can almost see little me sitting at the computer in class typing it up. I was really proud of this one. I guess I read it so many times that I memorized it.

I wasn’t sure the kind of poem it was, though I was positive that the syllable count mattered. After doing a little research, I am relatively certain that it was written as a Dodoitsu. It makes sense because I remember that “just” always bothered me.

Here it is. Nine-year-old me’s poem about friendship.

A friend is someone always
There whenever you may need
Someone you can turn to just
Look for them you’ll see

by Tiffany Messer

It’s been thirty years since I wrote that poem. Wow. Thirty years. That’s a long time to remember twenty-six syllables.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this poem about friendship, written by little me. Keep your eye out for more things written by little Tiffany. They will be posted under the tag The Early Writings of a Young Author. I will be posting more of my early writing in the coming weeks.

I don’t post my poems often, but you can find them under the Poetry tag.

Did someone come to mind as you read this poem? Share it with them.


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