“The Horible Robbery”

The story is dated January 6, 1989.

The Horible Robbery

Once there was a girl named Jane. She was a famous dancer. She danced for the deaf. She had blond hair and blue eyes. She lived in a mansion.

One day when Jane got home her house was a mess, and there was glass shattered all over the floor! She had been robbed! All of her danicng dresses, besides the one she was wearing were gone, too! Her career was over! The girls she had taught would have to take over, or no one would dance, but how could she tell them that she was robbed? She tried to think of a way to tell the girls, but she decided it wasn’t worth it. Then her best friend Tiffany came over. Jane told her what had happened.

The next day Tiffany and Jane tried to think of how to tell the girls. While they thought one of the girl’s mother came over to see if she could get some tickets to the next show. Jane told her what had happened while she was at her last show. She asked if she would improve [approve] of the girls dancing in public. She said, “It would be alright.” Then Jane asked, “Would you talk to to the girls and they’re [their] mothers?” She said, “Yes!” Jane thanked her. She left, then Jane and Tiffany went over to Tiffany’s mansion. The police caught the robbers and gave Jane back her stuff. The robbers were put in jail. Everyone lived happily ever after.

not bad for a nine-year-old

Okay, so I probably could have used an editor. I typed it all as is, with the teacher’s corrections in brackets. The teacher wrote “Great story!” on the first page.

The story has all of the elements of a story. There are characters {Jane, robbers, Tiffany, a mother, and girls on the peripheral},  setting {Jane’s mansion}conflict {the robbery}resolution {the robbers are arrested and Jane gets her dresses back}, all with clear plot points {Introduces Jane, the dancer. She arrives home and discovers the robbery. She struggles with how to tell her students. She speaks with one of their mothers who agrees to tell them. The cops catch the robbers and return her stolen belongings.} All tied together with a happily ever after at the end.


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