When it Rained Candybars

This is a fun little rough draft of a story.


When it Rained Candybars

by Tiffany Messer

One day when I woke up it was raining. It wasn’t a usual rain it was candybars! I invited all my friends over for a slumber party. Julia ate a candybar on the way. Everyone had to walk to my house. It was funny. Julia had candybars stuck to her hair! I laughed. Julia asked me what I was laughing at. I told her nothing. By this time it had stoped raining, and the house was flooded with candybars. Julia and I ate all the candybars in my house then in the yard. We got stomach akes from eating to much candy. Every one thought it didn’t rain over our house.

This one is marked as being written May 11th, 1989. I imagine that at that time of year the rain was getting tiresome. My little imagination took all that spring rain and turned it into something fun and delicious.

My own daughter has talked about What if it rained _____? Maybe it’s a normal childhood imagining.

Did you ever imagine it rained something other than water? Why not make it a writing prompt?

Write a short story about The day it rained ____. Drop your links in the comments below.

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