That time I was a soccer ball…

Kids have some great imaginations, and you never know what they’ll write when you give them a simple prompt. The front of the page features notes on a soccer ball. These notes aren’t anything special, but I’ll include them here for your amusement.

in the margin to the left of the A in very tiny print it says, “person”
A. hard smells black and white unpleasant to be a soccor ball

C. round size 5.

D. says foot loose has grass stains, stop sign shapes

B. Made in Korea
    has a hole clauged up for air says different words 
    able to kick has black designs

  hexagon (this is the only thing written in cursive on the entire page)

I imagine myself sitting there, turning the soccer ball over and over again. Examining it for ideas as I prepare to write my story. I wonder if it was my own soccer ball, brought from home. Did we bring items not knowing that they would be that day’s writing prompt?


One day I fell asleep at school and dremt that I was a living soccer ball. I was full of air and just sitting in the grass. I was very clean.

All of a sudden I felt somthing. I was rolling, but what had happened? The thought kept ringing through my mind. I was going to have an adventure. Then, I hit somthing pointy it was a baby pine tree. I heard kids yelling. Suddenly I wasn’t on the ground any more. I rolled down a pitch dark hill. It wasn’t a hill but what was it. I heard a growl from above I shook around. I was in a bears stomach.

story by Tiffany Messer

It should have an ending such as I woke up to the teacher standing over me. I’d been busted for napping, again. But, that’s 39-year-old me writing an ending to a story I wrote when I was nine.

make it a prompt

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be a soccer ball? Write a story about that time when you were a soccer ball then drop your links in the comments below.

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