Thought I’d be feeling better by now

I suppose I should start with Happy New Year! But Tiffany, you say, it’s February now! And you’re right, of course. It’s been a rather rough start for me. I’ve actually popped by here and started so many posts, only to abandon them from pure exhaustion before I could manage to finish. Thanks Hashimoto’s.

the holiday rush

We begin in November with my son’s birthday and Thanksgiving hitting in rapid succession. Only weeks later it’s my birthday and Yule and a disastrous Christmas lunch with my father. And then, of course, came in the new year. Where the mantra around me is new year, new me and I’m over her like umm, excuse me, but can I just have the real me back?

Oh, hey, I remember you

I had my guys home the last weeks of December and that first (partial) week in January. I figured I was just tired from all the extra (activity, stress, etc) that went along with those weeks.

That first week they went back to work I found myself full of energy. I baked. There were orange chocolate chip muffins and morning glory muffins. There were oatmeal apple cookies (so many I even ate some for breakfast), magic bars, and a batch of Rice Krispies treats. Heck, I even made a very berryful pie.

It was like a glimpse of my old self. There she was. The girl who found baking relaxing and not like a chore at all. Everyone was enjoying her unexpected but welcome visit.

poof… where did she go?

Just like that I’m back to being so exhausted I can barely lift my arms. I’m back to counting my spoons. The few blocks walk to the mailbox could mean a simple one pot meal for dinner that night. A plan for an elaborately cooked meal might cost me a shower. Sometimes I fold laundry on a different day than I washed it just because I’m too tired to do both.

Still baking

Like I said, we’d been enjoying the sudden influx of baked goods. I wasn’t prepared to let my thyroid take those delicious treats away from me again.

Admittedly, I’m baking less than I did that week. Still, there’s been cookies. I made a batch of ranger cookies last week. I filled two cookie sheets and baked them.

Saving time and a little energy

The rest I rolled into balls and placed on a plastic wrap lined plate just centimeters apart. These I stuck in my deep freezer for about an hour.

Frozen, ready to bake cookie dough tucked in with ice cream left over from hubby’s birthday and the extra blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries I froze after a recent berry sale.

A quick jot down of instructions on a freezer bag and they’re now in my freezer for the next time we’re craving cookies. Yesterday I did the same with a batch of chocolate chip crunch cookies.

It’s probably the healthier option. I mean, there’s only four of us. Do we really need 4 dozen cookies in the handful of days they’re delicious for? Probably not.

Speaking of healthier

I’d already been slowly working towards a healthier me because that’s what my body was telling me to do. More than a year ago I gave up sugary drinks (pop, koolaid, and those bottled sweet teas my family loves so much). Back before my first visit to the doctor in June, I gave up cigarettes (please don’t ask me how long I’d been smoking for before that).

More recently, I’ve greatly reduced the amount of processed foods I consume. I’ve increased my fruits and veggies intake. Each week I’m adding more. I also switched us back to whole wheat bread. They say everyone can benefit from more fiber. For lunch, I choose a salad or heat up some leftovers from a recent dinner over lunch meat.

I started myself on a multivitamin, too.

not giving up anything I don’t want to

I can’t tell you how many pots of homemade mac and cheese I’ve made this year. And who would want to give up that creamy goodness? Not this girl.

It’s been years since I enjoyed the taste of those packaged cakes I used to love so much. Who can blame me when I’d been spoiling my tastebuds with the wonderful flavors of homemade?

This week I found a sale on apples and pineapples.

When my tastebuds ask me for fruit, I listen. Even if my family thinks me insane for proclaiming the deliciousness of an ambrosia apple to be far superior to any candy. Admittedly, I may have threatened to eat theirs if they were still uneaten by the following day. But, it was an ambrosia apple.

home cook seeks veggie recipes

We’ve always kept it relatively basic when it comes to vegetables. We enjoy spinach, broccoli, green beans, carrots, and peas on a regular basis. Bell peppers make a regular appearance in meals. We eat salads on less occasions than we should. Those were bagged salads, which I also intend to leave in our past.

I’ve recently been expanding that list. Cauliflower has potential. The family wasn’t overly impressed with the texture of butternut squash. Tonight I’m trying (again) to make asparagus taste good. I’d love to know got to make sweet potatoes taste less sweet.

Next week, I plan to pick up some zucchini because I’m craving my Nana’s zucchini bread. I’ll pick up some extra for cooking. Just not quite sure how to serve it up outside of zucchini bread or pasta sauce.

Tell me all about (or drop me a link to) your favorite ways to eat veggies in the comments section.

Hey, I made it to the end. Give me a like if you did too. (Hopefully it didn’t take you the same five hours it took me)