Doesn’t it just figure?

Hubby left for work and the house was quiet. I figured it was the perfect time to swing by and type out a new post.

Norns Laughing

Computer booted up in front of me, fresh coffee in my cup, I open Chrome. No internet connection. What? Computer notice says my Norton needs attention. Alright. I haven’t been on in a while. Just updates. Norton hooks into the internet and manages to download the updates. Apply patch? it asks. Of course. Right?

And so I apply the patch. Norton wants to run a quick scan. Makes sense. It just downloaded updates. Internet connection lost. Run scan without? Well shit. What is going on with my internet?

Comcast (Xfinity?) says that there are outages reported in my area. But everything else (tv, cell, etc) was working. I ran a diagnostic and my computer tells me that my WiFi is out of range.

After hours of trying to get internet on my laptop, I finally gave up and watched Grey’s Anatomy instead. This is me popping by to say I tried. Thyroid cooperates, computer says nope.


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