and a title, too?

What happened? I was going so strong. I’d been posting again. I’d been baking with some regularity. The fog had lifted, and I was so excited.

I’m not excited anymore

The fog’s still lifted, and it’s great. To a degree. I hated the fog. Hated feeling like I was trying to think through cotton. But, that burst of energy is gone, and I’m left with clear thoughts and zero energy to apply said thoughts into actions.

Even as I write this

I want to abandon this post. I can feel the energy draining away as I conjure up the words to describe how I’ve been feeling. I’m still not sleeping well. Who needs only four hours of sleep? Because that’s around when I first wake up.

I get excited when I manage five. I feel wide awake, but know I should still be sleeping. Then, it’s a half hour here, maybe fifteen minutes there. But mostly, it’s me laying in bed knowing that by the very nature of trying not to wake my husband I am, at the very least, disturbing his sleep.

Still cooking

I’ve been continuing my quest for healthier eating, including feeding my family healthier meals. This includes things like adding broccoli to my homemade mac and cheese or the 2 cups of diced carrots I added to last night’s Hungarian goulash. I’ve got a delicious sweet and sour meatballs recipe I’m wanting to share with you.

Tonight’s dinner plan is minestrone soup chocked full of nutritious vegetables and beans. I’ll serve it with slices of garlic bread.

What are your favorite healthy eating recipes?