Maskless nightmares

I’ve never had the naked dream. You know, the one where you arrive at some important event or take center stage in front of a room full of people, and only then do you realize that you are standing there in your birthday suit. That’s about being exposed and bare to all of those people, right?

I had a naked sort of nightmare on Thursday night, and, then, I had another one Saturday. Only, I wasn’t naked in the traditional sense.

We’ll call them maskless nightmares.

Maskless nightmare #1

There I am, standing at the time clock, ready to punch in. I look around at the place and am instinctively certain that I am working at the shop where my husband and son work, but I also know that they no longer work there. (dream me is always so omnipotent)

People are drawing closer and closer. They are all wearing their masks. That’s when I realize that mine is missing. I remember that I never put it on that morning. It is still sitting at home.

I turned and began begging a friend to drive me home so that I can retrieve my mask. This friend does indeed work in the shop my guys work in, but she does not have a license and doesn’t drive.

That's when I woke up in a panic. 

Maskless nightmare #2

I’m in the middle of a field. Vendors have set up tables everywhere. They are all spaced rather far apart. I know that I am at an event, but I’m not sure what the event is.

I’m standing in line amongst many others. I’m waiting to purchase a can of Mountain Dew (I gave up soda pop more than a year ago). No one is wearing masks or practicing social distancing.

That’s when I realized that I lost my mask somewhere between my table (dream instinct informed me that I was a vendor, too) and the Mt. Dew sellers.

My Mt. Dew can slipped from my hand and landed perfectly safe against the leg of a folding table. Whose table is it? I really don’t know.

I’m shouting for my mask like it can answer me. Like it is a child who suddenly slipped from my grip and was washed away in the crowd. That’s how it felt too. Like I was searching in earnest for a small child in a crowd of linebackers.

Everyone is assuring me that I don’t need a mask. No one else is wearing a mask. They’ve never heard of covid-19. They’ve never feared the new coronavirus.

I’m screaming at them that we are all going to die if we don’t wear masks.

I saw someone carrying a white jacket in my peripheral.

I woke up gasping for air.

Is anyone else having strange covid-19 nightmares?

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