Mask up or pay up

Due to the fact that too many Michiganders do not seem to care about their own health or the health of those around them, Governor Whitmer issued a new order regarding masks.

if they have no heartstrings…

Sadly, when appealing to their humanity, Whitmer and her league of health officials were getting absolutely no where. Beginning Monday at 12:01 am, Michigan will be going after your purse strings if you don’t mask up.

going maskless could cost you

According to the newest executive order it will be a misdemeanor that comes with a $500 fine, and any business that is open to the public is required by law to deny entry to anyone who is not wearing a mask properly.

is it enough?

In my little neck of Michigan, many businesses aren’t actually requiring their employees to wear masks. And of those that are wearing their masks, very few are wearing them properly (secured over both mouth and nose).

When I do my shopping, I look around and notice that we are in the minority of people. So many aren’t wearing masks. Many purposefully defy the simplest of directions out of petulance.

time will tell

It’s simple, really. A small piece of cloth, worn over both your NOSE and MOUTH, can protect you, your loved ones, your coworkers, and that stranger you encountered while running errands.

So, Michigan, are you going to do the right thing? Are you going to protect others by wearing a mask? Are you going to protect your wallet?

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