hope and an adjustment

I had my second chiropractic appointment today. [Read about the first appointment here] I met the top dog, the Doc with his name on the door.

Photo by Steve on Pexels.com

He was a small man. He wore red suspenders and a bandana over his face. The black leather holster, though empty, contributed to the cowboy appearance. He’s an older gentleman full of energy. He exudes positivity. I liked him instantly.

a little conversation

Doc didn’t jump right into my adjustments. First, he brought me over to the light box to discuss the x-rays they had taken at my first appointment the other day.

The first x-ray revealed that my pelvis and lower spine are slightly twisted. The doc grabbed me around the waist and said “Looks like the boyfriend gets you about like this” and pulled me to him.

does this x-ray make my butt look big?

The second, a side view of the first, showed that my butt sticks out a bit too much. Okay, it showed that there’s a little extra curve to my spine, the doctor teased that it makes my butt stick out.

the damage you do to yourself

Next came the views of my middle back. This is where I’m truly twisted. He said “looks like the boyfriend gets you around like this, too,” as he grabbed me around the shoulder blades and tugged me to him, again.

Then, he got serious and said he sees this sort of thing with belly sleepers. I had to confess that I am, indeed, a belly sleeper, but I always kick a leg up.

Hold my hands,” he says as he takes mine.

He looks me in the eyes and talks to me about why we don’t put baby on the belly. He makes me feel chastised without ever having chastised me. He makes me feel as though I’ve sworn an oath to never sleep on my belly again while never once asking me to make any promises. He’s good.

back to your regularly scheduled consultation

Then, we got to my neck x-ray. My neck is straight, y’all. necks aren’t supposed to be straight. They are supposed to have a curve that compliments the curve you find at the bottom of your back.

childhood injury?

My butt sticks out, my neck is straight. I learned to walk like a lady so very long ago. Stick your butt out and keep your head perfectly straight so that you can carry a book on top. Practice with the book until you are able to do it without aid. Now, I’m wondering if that contributed to my current state of spinal misalignment.

putting me back together

He gets me up on the table. The whole time, he’s still chatting away. Before he makes my first adjustment, he goes down by my feet. He jokes that it’s not because chiropractors like shoes. I tease back that a shoe fetish is a career requirement.

He started at my lower back. The table makes the loud banging sound. I feel my back pop, but hear no loud snaps, cracks, or pops like I did on Wednesday.

face down, mask on, can’t move

I was lying there on the table. My face was in the hole designed to allow you to breath during your adjustments. As Doc worked on my middle back, he was telling me that I may find myself energized after an adjustment. He warned that I could get the urge to clean out the attic or the garage, but he had to beg me not to act on that urge.

It reminded me that I still needed to talk to him about the Hashimoto’s. I couldn’t, because I couldn’t move. Talking is moving. I reminded myself to remember and tried to stay relaxed as Doc moved on to my neck.

distraction tactics necessary

He took hold of my head, chat chat chatting away as he did. He snapped the right side. It hurt. My neck is a mess and hurts all the time, anyways. I tried to relax again. He tried to do the right again. I tensed. He conceded. It’s a little sore.

He moved on to the left. He told me to lift my left leg. He cracked my neck. He told my husband, “that’s the problem with the ladies; you can’t sneak up on them, they’re always ready for you.

Hashimoto’s hope

After he’d finished my adjustment and directed me on the correct way to get off of his table, I was able to talk to him about the Hashimoto’s and the effect chiropractic adjustments might have.

can chiropractic care affect my thyroid treatment

While Doc made notes in my file, I brought up Hashimoto’s. I mentioned that he’d mentioned that I might find myself energized after he made some of these adjustments. I asked him if these adjustments could affect my symptoms and medications.

His initial reaction, of course, was to encourage me to “allow them to take care of all that. They do it with blood work, and they understand it so much better.” Once I assured him I was not expecting him to replace my endocrinologist and that I actually have an appointment in October, he answered my question from his own experience.

everything is connected

He reminded me that every bit of our bodies is connected to our central nervous system. That adjustments can help alleviate my symptoms. They can help my thyroid. When I asked him in his experience with his own patients had he seen them need to reduce their levothyroxine dosages he shook his head emphatically. He said some have even gone off of it all together.

fertility warning

With a wink at my husband, he warned that chiropractic adjustments can also have an affect on your reproductive system. He told us that he’s had many patients in their forties come in and report an unexpected pregnancy. We’re not worried.

about that hope

It sounds pretty good. A few adjustments and I have energy again. Some other tweaks and my hair and nails are beautiful and shiny again. Just a snap here, a crack there, a pop pop pop running through and my body remembers that my thyroid is a part of the team. Sign me right up.

Hope is great. I am a strong believer that positive out brings positive back in. Besides, I did find myself more energized on Wednesday after those loud cracks and pops. I did write a just over 500 word scene for Once Upon a Time in Iowa yesterday. Bonus: it’s a scene I actually like, too!

So, maybe there really is something to visiting a chiropractor for overall health and well-being. Only the norns know for sure where this journey will take me.

relief is relief

We’re scheduled to visit again. My husband is hoping for some pain relief. I’m looking for relief from the barrage of symptoms my thyroid disfunction showers on me. Doc said we should both be seen three times a week for the time being.

I’ll give it a try. As a holistic treatment, it’s a relatively safe option. It’s covered by my insurance. If my thyroid is healed and function returned, I’ll have gained my health back and lost nothing. If my thyroid function stays as it is or continues on it’s dysfunctional journey, then I’ve still lost nothing.

Click follow and follow along as I post updates about my chiropractic journey and its affect on my Hashimoto’s symptoms and treatment.

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