What’s for dinner?

Sitting here, watching the timer click down on dinner. The aroma of pork roasting fills the air. The seasoning blend of rosemary, garlic, and ginger fragrantly compliment each other. I’m hopeful that the final product will be just as delicious as it smells.

and a side of?

My mouth is watering as I imagine how that roast is going to taste, but, try as I may, I just can’t seem to imagine what should go alongside that delicious cut of pork. There are so many options to choose from.


Rice is always a good option. It has some health benefits. And there are so many delicious options. I can make a creamy chicken and herb rice or my cilantro lime rice might go well. I’ve also got a lemon basil rice that I might consider. And, there’s also trying to decide which rice to use. Oh so many options when you consider rice.


Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Hey. Some of my roots are Italian. As a side effect, I was raised on pasta. There are some great options when it comes to the pasta, too. Alfredo pasta is always a crowd favorite. The creamy chicken and herb I mentioned before could also be used to make a delicious pasta side. There’s also the option of a creamy ranch pasta which I haven’t made in some time. It might not be as good for you as rice, but there are some health benefits from pasta.


I love potatoes. They are so versatile. I can fry them up (in the awesome air fryer hubby bought me). I can toss them with seasonings and pop them into the oven and roast them while the pork finishes. Mashed potatoes drowning in gravy has always been one of my comfort foods. And, gravy made from the juices of that delicious pork I’ve got roasting doesn’t sound half bad. And, potatoes are considered a superfood by some. They’ve got a great many nutritional benefits.


Photo by Yulia Rozanova on Pexels.com

Once I’ve decided on the starchy side of dinner, I still have to pick a vegetable. Which will, in part, be determined by whichever side I decide on. But, to be honest, I’m already leaning towards green beans. I think green beans compliment roasted pork so well. Or, maybe I just love green beans. Green beans are really good for you.

to bread or not to bread

I used to believe that there needed to be a bread with every dinner. I’m not really sure what gave me that impression. Something in my childhood. These days, I might bake a bread or rolls to go with dinner if I feel up to it, but I’m not really feeling bread and would have had to plan it much earlier if I expected it to rise. There is always stuffing. Another delicious compliment to pork roast that would taste great drowning in that gravy I was considering earlier. I can’t say there’s much benefit to eating bread besides the fact that it swells in your belly and keeps you feeling full longer.

as the timer ticks down

Photo by Krivec Ales on Pexels.com

I’ve spent more than half of the 2 hours the roast needs in the oven typing out this post. Sure, in some ways it means I’ve considered the sides I could possibly serve with said pork, but I’ve honestly gotten no closer to making a decision. If anything, I made it all the harder by coming up with so many delicious choices (not all of which are mentioned).

My mouth is watering, there’s 40 minutes left on the timer, and the family is going to start asking the dreaded question, What’s for dinner?, and they will inevitably expect an answer. I guess the procrastination is over. I’m off to finish cooking dinner.

What are you having for dinner?


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