family of 4 seeks 3 bedroom

Let’s start with a little back story. We’ve been talking to our community about moving to a different unit for months. The pandemic, of course, has created some hiccups in that department. So, we’ve been listening to the promise of September and trying to save and pack and prepare.

Then, the middle of August rolled around, and we got a letter from the community. It’s now under new ownership with a new name. I called the front office (at least they kept the same phone number) to inquire as to how it will affect our move. I left a message. I’m still waiting for a call back.

time for a new plan

Our current unit really doesn’t fit our needs, but our community isn’t an awful place to live. We were trusting the property manager to do right by us, and now she’s gone MIA. I started searching for a new community.

There’s some really great communities in the area. A few are nicer than the one we live in, and the rest seem to be about equal. Price wise things seem about the same across the board.

sent out some feelers

I reached out to these communities to inquire about availability. The first thing I’ve noticed about these other communities is that they reply to me. They are reachable and responsive. They were happy to tell me about their communities and send me an application.

We returned these applications. Now we sit, fingers crossed, and wait for the approval and the availability to land in the same place at the same time.

they’ll be reaching out, too

For some of the communities we’ve applied to, the application included a release form for our current landlord. It includes such questions as is the rent up to date? to which our answer is yes. Or, in the last 12 months, how often has the rent been late? and we can say it was a few days late once during the 4 months that everything was shutdown because of Covid-19, and was the only time it has been late in the three and a half years we’ve lived here. It also asked how many times they’ve had to take us to court. The answer to that is none, although they did try once [Who needs fiction when you have real life?].

Still, we aren’t set on leaving our community. We are, however, absolutely certain that we are ready to leave our current home. We are also positive that we are not interested in continued waiting for said new home. We’ve been great tenants, and it should be reflected in our account. There’s always the chance that as the new owners fill out those inquiries they realize they really don’t want to let such good tenants slip away.

good vibes welcome…

I’m a strong believer in positive energy. When you send good vibes out, good vibes find their way back to you. Negative energy just drags you done and makes everything a whole lot harder.

Our hope is that everything will align, and we will be settled into a new home by the first of October. Some of the community managers I’ve spoken with thus far say this is potentially possible.

Our next home is out there. I know it won’t be perfect because even perfection rarely is. But I believe it will have everything we need and some of what we are hoping for. It will be nearby enough that we don’t have far to move, and it will be in a community we can enjoy living in.

check out this [middle grade] book

Bear B and Stone move to a new home. They find themselves dealing with a bully in their new neighborhood. Find out how they handled the situation in Bully Troubles.


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