and the hunt is over…

Remember how I told you that I knew our next home was out there waiting for us? [family of 4 seeks 3 bedroom] The wait is over. Things moved so quickly it almost made my head spin.


It was Friday afternoon. We were home from the chiropractor and playing some Forza 4: Horizons before work like we do most days.

The phone rang. It was a number I didn’t recognize. Normally, I’d send it to voicemail. If it’s important, they will leave a message, and I can call them back. Between the place hunting and the potential for a call from contact tracers, I decided I should probably answer.

It was a leasing agent I’d been emailing back and forth with for a couple of weeks. She confirmed that I was, indeed, me. Then…

“I’ve got your approval right here. How soon are you wanting to move in?” she asked me.
“How soon do you have a place for us?” I asked back.
“How does Monday sound?”
“That sounds pretty good. What’s the move-in cost going to be?”

She was so excited to inform us of the approval and available unit, that she forgot to ask. That’s okay. I was so excited about the approval and the available unit that I forgot to ask two rather important questions.

  1. How much is the monthly rent going to be?
  2. How many bedrooms does it have?

She called me back just minutes before I had to clock in for work. She gave me the grand total for moving in. I remembered to ask her what the monthly would be, but still forgot to ask her how many bedrooms it has.


Woke up Saturday ready to move things along. Monday felt so far away and right around the corner all at the same time. The excitement at the idea of moving to a new place, especially one that fills our needs better and is in a community we can enjoy, fueled our day.

The energy that came from that excitement we turned into packing energy. We started filling boxes and bins with things that we don’t need before they can be unpacked at the new place.

We stacked these in our closet. It was nearly filled to capacity. How does one family acquire so much stuff?


Hunting for a place during this time of covid-19 is different than any other time I’ve moved in all of my forty years. Because of coronavirus, there are no tours. We’ve agreed to take the place, sight unseen. I’ve only been given floor plans up until this point.

That is why on Sunday we decided to hop in the car and go check out this community. We’d glanced in at the entrance as we’ve driven by since the community was first founded not too many years ago.

The place is beautiful. Each home looks near to brand new. There’s a walking path and a (man-made) lake. The lawns are mowed. Gardens and decorations reveal just a little bit about the people inside.

People are smiling as we drive by. Drivers are following speed limits and stop signs. The community looks loved and cared for. We are excited to become residents.

Monday can’t get here soon enough. A trip to the post office for a money order, a here are the rules of the community meeting, lease and other paperwork to sign, and the keys will be in our hands. It’s a wonder any of us got any sleep at all.


We woke up early and got ourselves ready. We headed for the post office to grab that money order. Got there at 12:32 PM, and guess what? They were closed for lunch. 12:30 to 1:30. That wasn’t going to work. Our appointment was for one o’clock.

Off to the nearest Western Union to purchase multiple money orders because of their $500 limit. Armed with our stack of money orders, we headed to our new community to sign the lease for our new home.

We learned the rules of the community. We signed our lease and paid our prorated September rent along with a month’s worth of security deposit. We were told that Wednesday wouldn’t be a good day to plan to do any of our moving.

That’s because they are laying sod so we have a beautiful new lawn, and they are repaving the street. Sometime later this week, we should also receive our brand new shed. It’s still being built at the moment.

finally, the house…

It’s a manufactured home community. The home itself is beautiful. It’s been lived in by one family before ours. They were only there for a few months before moving on.

It’s got the three bedrooms we were looking for. The master bedroom has a huge walk-in closet and it’s own bathroom. The bathroom features two sinks, a shower, and a garden bathtub. And a toilet of course. The drawers and shelves in there will take me a while to fill.

The living room is about double the size of our current one. It features thick, plush carpet. The windows allow for beautiful natural lighting.

The other two bedrooms are smaller but still nicely sized. They can be found near the main bathroom. That one has a bathtub/shower, single sink, and toilet. It’s smaller than the master bath.

The kitchen is the best part. Well, for me, anyways. It’s got faux wood floors. An island in the center holds the double sink and dishwasher as well as tons of counter space. Along the wall is the stove and a whole lot more counter space. I’m looking forward to filling all of the cabinets with food and dishes.

the rest of the week…

Our plan, should the universe cooperate, is to spend the week packing and moving. Our hope is to be completely moved into the new place (and finished with the old one) by the end of the weekend.

With coronavirus still running rampant, there is no call a buddy for help. It’s just us and all of our things. We’re paid up here through the end of the month, so we’ve got time to get it done and done right.

By the time we had our keys in hand and checked out our new place, the idea of taking pictures had completely slipped my mind. If I make it over there tomorrow, I’ll try to snap a few.

Much thanks to everyone who sent us good house-hunting vibes. It worked.

Moving is never easy. Just ask Bear B and Stone. Bully Troubles

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