The new job is cursed

Seriously y’all have no idea! I’m writing this in the parking lot after work.

Today was a slow sort of easy day for the most part. There I was at my press where I’d spent most of the day.

I really can’t tell you what caused me to look up, but look up I did. I looked up just in time to see one of the fluorescent lights let go and come crashing to the floor in front of me.

It fell in slow motion and really fast all at the same time. The glass shattered into pieces that went flying everywhere.

As shards of glass were flying towards me, my attention was drawn to the white powder cloud that suddenly rose from the shattered remains of bulb and headed towards me.

All around me the presses continued to deliver parts and the operators continued to check those parts. Nobody saw the fluorescent bulb fall right in front of me though I was covered in little shards of it.

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