I’m really not casting spells around the shop…

I’m thinking I should start a new blog thread titled “The Misadventures of Tiffany” and share only the crazy shit that happens to me at work.

Perhaps you’ve already read the new job is cursed. When I got home that night, I discovered pieces of the bulb and powder all over my shirt! Nothing attempted to take me out this time, so that’s good.

Well, maybe the supervisor did. The mold on my press wasn’t closing every time. You’d have to open the gate and close it again to trigger it to open then do it again so it would close properly.

It was not a gate or sensor issue. It was in the mold settings. Yet, supervisor decided to take the gate “off the wheel and put it more on the rod”. In other words, he took the gate off the track.

I spent nearly half of my shift wrenching on this gate to get it to close. It feels like I tore every muscle in my back.

When I finished the order for the day, he moved me to the slow and easy (aka boring) press. The girl running it gave me a quick lesson and then relinquished the spot. We chatted for a few as I took over.

When she was leaving I thought, “seems like I should have a part by now.” After a minute I wondered, “where’s the part?” When another minute had passed, I called for supervisor because my press had seized.

I was sent on my lunch. When I came back twenty minutes later, he still didn’t have it running. I offered to break another whose part I knew. Off I went to give coworker his twenty minute lunch.

When he returned from break, I wandered off to find a part I hadn’t learned yet because my press still wasn’t up. Supervisor found me to tell me he needed a cigarette before dealing with my press. What had he been doing for the last hour?

Finally get on to this boring press It’s a sit down job if you want to sit down. I sat down and took the opportunity to finish listening to Then She was Gone by Lisa Jewell. Loved the unexpected twist of an ending. Switched to music after the book ended.

I remember listening to Zucchero’s Cose che già sai. Next thing I know, I’m jolting awake. Hopped up off the seat and spent the next couple hours dancing while I belted out tunes at the top of my lungs.

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