perhaps he is trying to kill me…

You may have read about how my supervisor removed the gate off of the track on Wednesday. [I’m really not casting spells around the shop…] Thursday I was hurting so much it brought me to tears. Still, I went to work because what choice do I really have?

By the time I got home from work on Thursday I could barely walk. There were the most heart-wrenching sobs coming from me. It hurt for my husband to hold me.

I’ve given birth to two children, been hit by a car, and been in a car accident so severe that the car did not survive. This is the worst pain I’ve ever known in my life.

On Friday, I went to the doctor. He says that I pulled everything in my back (but the kitchen sink). I didn’t ask the doctor for a note, but, at work later, I took it as easy as I could.

Why didn’t I ask for a note? Because if this is retaliation for filing a complaint [this is what it’s like being a woman…] then I hate to find out what he will do to me if I report him for retaliation.

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