Magic of Lights

We spent a little family time looking at the holiday lights at DTE Energy Music Theatre Magic of Lights event. It was nice to get out of the house and spend a little time with family. Part of our holiday bonus this year included tickets. We have done our best to avoid doing any sort of getting together since the beginning of the pandemic.

a dragon in lights at the DTE Energy Music Theatre Magic of Lights


My father-in-law has been an invaluable asset in recent months. First with helping us move by loaning us his trailer and driving it to and fro hooked up to his big SUV, and then he drove my son and I to and from work while my husband (and the car) were on day shift for training.

Twelve Drummers Drumming

keeping it small and safe

We lost my mother-in-law in early April, and we haven’t gotten together to properly celebrate her life. Twenty-twenty and the pandemic have ticked us right through holidays and birthdays, and obliterated all opportunities for get-to-gethers.

We thought the Magic of Lights sounded like a great opportunity to spend a little happy time together relatively safely. We supplied the ticket (thank you to the big bosses) and the gas money, and my father-in-law drove because he has third row seating and could fit the lot of us. We all wore masks. We kept it to only two households. It was my father-in-law, my sister-in-law, my husband, our daughter, and me.

Star of David Magic of Lights at DTE Energy Music Theatre

a Sunday drive

We skipped the expressway and took the beautifully scenic route instead. For pretty much the same time and distance, we saw a lot of country and some prettily decorated houses along the way. But, the expressway wasn’t to be avoided (aka why this is another installment of the Misadventures of Tiffany).

the elf takes his shot in a one-on-one Santa vs Elf basketball game

Misadventures of Tiffany

We were almost to the DTE Energy Music Theatre when my father-in-law got over too early and instead of the entrance for the venue, he found himself entering the expressway and heading away from the Magic of Lights event. It took us a couple of miles down the road before he could exit, cross an overpass, and hop back on the expressway for the couple of miles reentering our path just a hop, skip, and a jump away from where we’d strayed.

an elf waves as we pass

Magic of Lights

After the folly, we arrived at the DTE Energy Music Theatre. We wove our way through the free light decorations they’ve set up between the entrance and the ticket booths. At the ticket booth (where everyone was also wearing masks) father-in-law presented our ticket. We were instructed to turn off our headlights as we proceeded.

There was a section under construction.

finally we arrived

My sister-in-law turned the radio to the Magic of Lights‘ suggested radio station. Christmas music played softly from the speakers. I snapped a lot of pictures as we wove our way through the lights following arrows also presented in lights. Most of them turned out way too blurry to decipher. I’ve selected the best of the bunch for you. Sorry the phone on my camera isn’t great, and father-in-law was driving a little fast for photography.

a grove of lighted trees

so much to see

We began at the Twelve Days of Christmas. Each was presented with moving lights and imaginative designing. There was fantasy with dragons and treasure. We followed along the path to find a daredevil elf, Santa vs Elf basketball, and an entire baseball team.

Easter Island in the holiday spirit

beautiful and imaginative

There were Seven Wonders. The Statue of Liberty stood as if she’d popped out of a gift box. A menorah stood beside a Star of David. Holiday wishes were spelled out in numerous languages. There was a construction crew standing tall. Santa tried to limbo. There were candy canes and trees and so much more.

not your neighborhood light drive

I remember piling into the car to check out the neighborhood holiday decorations. I expected the Magic of Lights to be something similar to that. It was, but it wasn’t. It was definitely a new and different experience.

Santa finds he can’t go very low when he tries to limbo but gets caught up instead.

It’s running until January 2nd. You can purchase tickets online. The event is almost entirely contactless. If you’re in the area, you should definitely check it out.


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