yuletide greetings

I didn’t plan much for this the first day of yule. A roast beast with all the fixins cooking to perfection in my slow cooker while I was at work. I’d considered making something in the way of a dessert. I’d thought I’d bake up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. But, whatever plans I may have had, the tapestries were already woven.

a wreath adorns our door

I didn’t sleep much last night. We were still awaiting our son’s test results when we woke up today. Our son reported feeling worse today. Clark and I awoke feeling under the weather. Though some overlap, many of our symptoms are entirely different. Most concerning was Clark’s swollen throat.

Since the doctor had said we can work unless and until we show symptoms, our first call was to the doctor’s office, and our second was to work. The doctor ( a different one than I spoke to Thursday regarding our son) said that he needed to order us covid testing. I expect the lab to call (and come by the house) tomorrow.

Who doesn’t love Jack Skellington?

And that is how we came to begin our yuletide from quarantine. Quarantine or no quarantine, I’m still having my roast beast for dinner tonight.

I tossed together some salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, and basil in a ramekin then sprinkled it over a beautiful beef roast. I heated some olive oil in a skillet. While I browned the meat, I went to work on the aromatics and vegetables.

We family activity painted this (and the gingerbread house) nearly a decade ago.

I sliced up an onion. I spread half the onion across the bottom of my slow cooker (which I lined with a slow cooker bag) and slid the other half into a small mixing bowl. Next, I minced a few cloves of garlic. I split these evenly between the slow cooker and the mixing bowl of onions.

I washed and quartered yellow potatoes and added them to the slow cooker. In a clean ramekin, I combined a blend of salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, thyme (yes there is thyme in the seasoning blend), basil, and a bit of nutmeg. This I sprinkled on top of the potatoes then closed up the bag to toss it all together. Once I was certain it was all evenly mixed, I returned the bag to the slow cooker.

Snoopy decorates his doghouse in a window

I peeled the carrots and quartered them. I lay them on top of the potatoes. I set the meat, beautifully seared on all sides, on top of those carrots. To the mixing bowl I added Italian seasoning, pepper, thyme, and basil. I stirred this up and spread the mixture across the meat. I poured in some water and set the slow cooker to low.

one of the two Norfolk Island Pines we rescued from the department store

The beast and fixins are slowly cooking to perfection. I’ll serve them up with the St. Pierre Brioche slider rolls I tossed in my cart the other day on a whim. I asked Clark to choose a fruit. He’s chosen Mandarin oranges. The vitamin c will do everyone good, especially while we each fight off something while we wait to see if it’s covid (or if we’ve each managed to pick up a different illness at almost precisely the same time…).

This little scene greets you as you come through the door. It features Jólfaðr, the family painted gingerbread house, and our other Norfolk Island pine.

Presents and dessert can wait until everyone is feeling better. Still we can enjoy a wholesome meal full of nutritious deliciousness.

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