mother and daughter prepare for year long endeavor…

It seems like forever ago that the temperature blanket first became a thing. It probably was forever ago. Way back then, I said I was going to make one just as soon as new year rolled around. And just like so many other things in life, the idea got set on a back burner then moved to a top shelf before being shoved out of the way and abandoned.

The other day while talking to my daughter, the topic of temperature blankets came up. We decided that it might be a fun project to undertake together. She loves to crochet — possibly more than I do — and it might be fun to see how alike and different our final projects turn out to be.

We both love the colorful, variegated yarns, so we wanted a palette that would showcase that love. We will be working with YarnspirationsBernat Pop! yarn. We’ll work from the same palette and temperature gauge. That’s where the rules end. We’ll each choose our own pattern and hook size. Her tension is generally looser than mine. Also, she’s a lefty and I’m a righty, so that could figure into things. Fingers are crossed that our yarn arrives before 2021 does.

As I’m sitting here, still stuck in quarantine, I’m putting my time to good use. I’m planning out and plotting my temperature blanket. I’m researching stitches and working out my stitch gauge. 365 is a whole lot of rows. I don’t want an afghan that can spread across both our couches.

I’ve been tossing around ideas. Do I simply want to stick to the traditional linen stitch? It’s a great stitch. It will leave the blanket with some give so as not to feel tight and stiff like a tightly stitched single crochet blanket can turn out sometimes. I tend to crochet a tighter stitch. I love the idea of a nice, soft, flowing afghan.

Still, I’ve always bucked the conventional. My drum plays a familiar beat, and I rather enjoy marching along to it. I can’t decide on a stitch (or collection of stitches) until I’ve figured out just what the stitch gauge needs to look like and which of my stitches I can fit into it.

I’ll let you know what I decide. Keep an eye out for #temperatureblanket updates throughout the [2021] year.

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