74 days and still no answers

It seems like it’s been a bit since I popped on here to give an update on how our son’s doing. Well, it’ll be kind of a lack of update, really. We met with the blood specialist last week. They drew some blood (for a list of tests) and told is to return in three weeks for the results. We scheduled the appointment for mid March.

There’s been no change to the wheezing that ails him. The hematologist suggested that he may need a lung specialist. He also wasn’t comfortable returning him to work because he wasn’t the one that kept him home.

So, earlier this week we met with one of the Physician’s Assistants at his Primary Care Physician’s office. She started him on Cetirizine because he’s all inflamed along his ears, nasal cavities, and throat. This is likely because of the seasons and may or may not relate to the months long symptoms he’s been dealing with. She also doubled his BREO dosage.

I inquired as to whether it would be a good idea to check for Covid antibodies even though his two tests came back negative. I’ve read stories about long-covid. She agreed that it wasn’t the worst idea and ordered the test. The medical assistant drew some extra blood just in case they wanted to order further tests.

After listening to the wheezing that continues still. Wheezing that is, at times, audible from across the room, the PA decided that the hematologist is right. She wrote a referral to a pulmonologist. I’ll be making that appointment just as soon as I can reach somebody.

She will be calling us on Monday morning to see how the new medicine is working. This is when she will determine whether he can return to work or will remain home pending further testing and the appointment with the pulmonologist.

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