buy me a coffee

Hey guys. I’ve seen advertisements for websites that offer a way for you to buy me a coffee. In fact, I tried one for just a minute a while back. It was far too much work keeping up with yet another website.

I was scrolling through my dashboard and clicked on the earn tab. There I found that I could accept PayPal payments for shows of support from my followers right here on my website. And I thought, well, I have a PayPal.

So, I created a little widget that you’ll see pop up on the page and (occasionally) in posts. It will look just like the one below. If you’d like to show me a little support for Once Upon a Time in Iowa and all that I do here on my blog, please buy me a (virtual) cup of coffee.
***All transactions are handled securely through PayPal. does not have access to your information***

Coffee (donation of support)

Send $5 to buy me a (virtual) coffee to give me a boost while I am writing. *coffee photo created by freepik*


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