update time

Swinging in real quick before getting ready for work. I thought I’d take a few minutes to update y’all on what’s happening with the son.

Monday –hematology

Remember last week when they called and confessed to having forgotten to send his blood out for testing? Instead of getting his results he returned to the lab to have his blood redrawn. The new appointment was scheduled for the 22nd.

My first day of work at the new place, scheduled to be a ten hour day, and we got up early to take him to his appointment at hematology. Shortly before we were set to leave, my phone rings.

It’s hematology. A couple of his tests aren’t back, yet, and they are going to need to reschedule, again.


He’s now scheduled to get his results in early April.

Tuesday –pulmonary

We had his first appointment with pulmonary yesterday. That appointment took hours. They did chest x-rays. The doctor says there’s no visible obstruction and his x-rays look clear. That’s the good news.

They did a spirometry test. Those results were terrible. The doctor said that it was like a child had been in there just playing with the machine though the test administrator vouches that he gave it his all.

They call it an obstruction. His airways are obstructed. He is not getting good breaths no matter how hard he tries.

The doctor ordered a battery of blood tests. We were sent to the hospital lab to have the blood drawn. The phlebotomist took four vials. He also started him on another round of prednisone.

He’s scheduled to return in two weeks, after he’s been on the prednisone, and redo the spirometry test. He should also have his blood test results by then.

in other news…

I changed my twitter handle. If you already follow me on twitter, then you seamlessly moved with me. If you are looking for me on twitter, I am now @shldbwriting. Come find me there to stay up to date on all things Tiffany.

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