“My Pet Lion” -story by a young aspiring author

Recently, while gathering a set of picture books for our friends’ baby, I came across a story I wrote when I was very young. I can’t say for certain exactly how young I was, but a young me, anyway. And she wrote this cute little story. It’s complete with illustrations.

My Pet Lion

My Pet Lion -cover
It had a title page! I love that I called myself author.
I saw a lion in the zoo.
I asked if I could keep her.
“Yes,” said Mom.
At first it chased me.
My mom got her off me.
She asked what I was going to name her.
I siad, “Coca Puff!”
“Ok,” she siad.
Evry day when I get home from school. I feed her.
I love Coca Puff very much.
I think she’s the best pet in the world.
The End
the back cover

So, you see y’all. It was just always in me. I had to create stories. I had to build them into books. I have been calling myself author for longer than I can remember.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me. It can be fun to stumble across artifacts of your youth. Have you ever found a gem from your childhood?

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