Another reschedule…

We received a call to reschedule our son’s pulmonary appointment that was scheduled for Thursday. The doctor’s been called to the hospital. It’s the coronavirus. There’s been an upsurge of hospitalizations due to covid-19 in our area. I’m sure it is all of those people defiantly not wearing masks.

The pulmonary doctor has him on this long run of prednisone for the specific purpose of running those breathing tests again while he’s still taking those final doses. Those pills will be long gone by the time he sees him in May.

He’s scheduled to start receiving xolair shots after his appointment Thursday. As far as we know, that’s still happening. I have a call into the medical assistant’s line in the hopes of confirming.

At least pulmonary got his blood work worked out which hematology can’t seem to manage. He’s scheduled to see the hematologist on Wednesday.

The pulmonologist’s blood tests revealed that our son has severe allergic reaction within his lungs. This could also be the cause of his asthma. The treatment is xolair. An every two weeks injection reported to relieve the symptoms of pulmonary allergies. Many patients report being able to give up their inhaler altogether.

We are in the midst of a pandemic. A respiratory pandemic. While he suffers from a non-pandemic related respiratory problem. We’re finally starting to get some answers, and hopefully he’s arrived at his healing path.

Update: spoke to an MA. He’s now back on for Thursday just at a different time. Also, he will continue with the plan to start xolair on Thursday.

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