Our son had an appointment with hematology today. He was scheduled to get his bloodwork results. Results from those blood tests they couldn’t quite manage.

I had predicted that they were going to tell us that all of his blood tests came back clear. I had expressed annoyance at the way this office seems to run things. My son asked me to not complain about it if I were right. So, unfortunately for you, y’all get to hear my complaints instead.

There is a pandemic going on right now. My son’s pulmonary doctor is currently cancelling on patients because of the upsurge of covid-19 patients at the hospital. Hematology drags him back in because they forgot to order the tests on his first drawn blood. Those were the results we were getting today.

The office was practically deserted. The doctor was pacing up and down the halls. The receptionist and medical assistant had boredom written allover their faces.

We didn’t have to wait long before they set us in a room. The doctor joined us shortly thereafter.

He doesn’t know what happened, but “she” must have forgotten to send in some of the test requests. But, he’s not too worried about those minor tests. As for the tests “she” did remember to run, everything came back normal. He kind of droned on a little about what normal means. Nothing with any substance. Another sign of boredom?

He said the elevation in hemoglobin might be because of the breathing problems. He suggested that we see a lung doctor.

So, during a respiratory pandemic you dragged a guy who is suffering from severe respiratory distress into your office to tell him that his bloodwork was all clear and suggest that he needs a visit with pulmonary? Why couldn’t that have been handled over the phone?

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