round and round and round he goes

I never made it back here to update y’all after the rescheduled pulmonary visit and the Xolair shot. I’m sorry that this is coming so late.

He got his first Xolair shot on the 8th. He wasn’t feeling the greatest when he went in, but he hasn’t felt that great in a really long time. Since the shot he seems to say he isn’t feeling good an awful lot. He’s been having some upset stomach issues. He returns for his next shot this coming Thursday, so we’ll see what they say then.

The pulmonary appointment was rushed. I guess that comes from the doctor spending all day at the hospital with the covid patients then seeing a handful of patients at the office.

He did not perform a new pulmonary function test. He told him that he was allergic to dust mites. Told him that if he can’t rip out all the carpet he would always suffer. Said he needs to keep up the Xolair appointments and give them a few months to really work.

He prescribed him Singulair [montelukast]. After picking up the prescription and reading the risks of suicidal tendencies he has decided he won’t be taking it at this time. He feels that his bouts of severe depression and struggles with suicidal thoughts would put him at too high of risk. We question why the doctor didn’t ask any questions about suicidal thoughts before prescribing such a scary medication.

Warning: Serious neuropsychiatric events have been reported in patients taking montelukast. Discuss benefits and risk of montelukast with patients and caregivers. Monitor for neuropsychiatric symptoms in patients taking montelukast. Discontinue montelukast immediately if neuropsychiatric symptoms occur. Because the benefits of montelukast may not outweigh the potential risk of neuropsychiatric symptoms in patients with allergic rhinitis, reserve use for patients who have an inadequate response or intolerance to alternative therapies.

I told him that he is in charge of his own medical care. He does not have to take any medication that he is not comfortable with. I support his decision to consider his own mental health when determining his course of treatment. I’m appalled that the doctor didn’t take any of this into consideration.

We never got any answers on if or when he can return to work. My phone calls go unanswered. He doesn’t return to see him again until mid July. I am planning to stop by there on Thursday while my son is downstairs for his second round of shots.

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