nerves afire

Remember the other day when I wrote Does stream of consciousness have a title? It worked. I opened my word processor and was flowing along when my flow was interrupted by my daughter’s complaints about my son. Yup. She had to go on a teenaged rant about her brother. Just like that the story came to an abrupt stop.

The following day I thought I would try again. I was here with a stream of consciousness post going, I had my word processor open and was working on an idea, and my husband was helping our daughter build her bed.

Then hubby needed my help because she just wasn’t quite cutting it. And off I went, abandoning all. The result was a 50 word story which I will probably post in the coming days.

Later, after the bed was built and I was so tired but determined to get something written, I sat down with my computer in lap again. I managed a story that fell within the parameters for the submission.

I held on to that story, debating on if it was the story I wanted to submit. Today, I decided to go for it. I included a disclaimer: *no family members were harmed in the writing of this story in my submission email. And I clicked send.

It’s out there y’all. Waiting to be judged. Wanting so badly to be selected.

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