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Hey y’all. I wanted to swing by here and tell you about one of my short stories. Writer Interrupted has been accepted for a short story competition over on Purple Wall Stories.

about Purple Wall Stories

Purple Wall Stories selects 8 stories a month. They stick them in a one on one competition, tournament style. You —the reader— read the stories and vote for your favorite story. The winning four repeat the process. Then the final two have a final showdown. Each round lasts 10 days.

The champion will be published in the Big Purple Book of Badass Stories and receive a percentage of the royalty payments from the anthology.

the competition

My submission came with a disclaimer that no family members were harmed in the writing of this story.

You can find me in the first round here. My competition wrote a pretty awesome story.

the stories

She shuffles into the kitchen wearing fuzzy blue slippers, a fuzzy taupe robe, an oversized –stretched out is more like it—t-shirt with a logo that has long since faded beyond recognition, and a pair of threadbare pajama pants that once bore ice cream cones or lollipops. The table is laden with familial mess. Bills and [continue reading]

Writer Interrupted by Tiffany Higgins

Travis Kenoe was angry. Angry as a rocket spitting fire in a dragon’s breath. Hurling sparks like machine gun bullets. His anger was red, hot rage. It burned in him like a great furnace. He ran. His whole body tensed, flared as if he was on fire. Fleeing like a convict. Racing like a loosed stallion. He stomped his feet, crashing like [continue reading]

The Trial of Travis Kenoe by Kemal Onor

Registration is required —keeps things honest. You can vote daily.
Head on over, read some great stories, cast your vote, and tell your friends about it.

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