every vote counts

Thank you to everyone who voted for Writer Interrupted in the first round of the Purple Wall Stories‘ short story competition. It has made it into round two.

Two awesome stories, ten days, which will you vote for?

the stories

She shuffles into the kitchen wearing fuzzy blue slippers, a fuzzy taupe robe, an oversized –stretched out is more like it—t-shirt with a logo that has long since faded beyond recognition, and a pair of threadbare pajama pants that once bore ice cream cones or lollipops. The table is laden with familial mess. Bills and [continue reading]

Writer Interrupted by Tiffany Higgins

Dollar beer night at The Cup. Curve of your cap’s bill gives you tunnel-vision. Blocks out a lot. You keep curving it more and more. Fuck these derelicts. Fuck all this loud pop music, too. Same goddamn beat over and over. Lyrics about drinking and having sex. Brainless kids little more than half your age dancing around [continue reading]

Observable Universe by Paul M Anderson

Registration is required —keeps things honest. You can vote daily.
Head on over, read some great stories, cast your vote, and tell your friends about it.


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