returning to life

Clark and I work long weeks. Monday through Thursday we’re there from 430 pm until 3 am. On Fridays we go in at 230 pm and get out of there at 11 pm. Saturdays are our short shifts. We’re only there noon until six.

This week we were given a treat. We got Saturday off. We excitedly jumped at the opportunity to make some plans. We had our first date night in this strange, new world.

This was our first visit to a restaurant. We’ve stuck to home cooked meals, occasional fast food, and delivery services.

I love the Olive Garden because they are great when it comes to my shellfish allergy. The staff there is so very careful and never makes me feel like I’m putting them out. When we found out a new one had popped up not too far from here sometime, it seemed the perfect choice.

I dressed in one of my favorite dresses and the cutest pair of wedges I own. I begged my curls to behave, and mostly they did. Clark wore a pair of nice jeans and a nice button up shirt. He pulled his well-behaved hair into a ponytail.

Full of giggles and holding hands, we donned our masks and made our way into the Olive Garden we hadn’t known they built. There was a five minute wait that took about ten minutes. Then we were being led to our seats.

We were given one of those tables that’s a long booth against the wall and two chairs opposite the booth. I slid into the booth, and Clark slid in beside me.

We had a wonderful evening of conversation and laughter. We sipped our drinks and ate far more than we could fit in our bellies. We held hands under the table between courses.

Stuffed as we were, we still shared a slice of Tiramisu. We held hands under the table through dessert. I ate with my left and managed to not spill a single bite. There is some advantage to being nearly ambidextrous.

It was a perfect evening.

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