best laid plans…

What do you do when you suddenly have three days off of work? Three days! We’re usually only off on Sundays.

We made big plans, of course. There were all the places we were going to go, the errands we’d finally knock out, the food and the drink and the merriment. And, I was going to write.

I was going to write stories. I was going to work on Once Upon a Time in Iowa.

And here it is, day three of that three day weekend. Some of that alcohol is gone. We’ve been firing up the grill for days. Foods have been consumed. Delicious, mostly unhealthy, oh so tasty foods.

We managed to knock out most of those errands. We had ourselves a fire in spite of the cold last night. We even found the time to play a family board game. [The Escape Game: Escape from Iron Gate] which was a whole lot of fun and entertainment.

As for the writing, I haven’t managed much of that, yet. But in my world, the day is still young. So I’m off to make malts for my family and then settle in to knock out the next scenes of Once Upon a Time in Iowa.

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