The wrong kind of person…

I seriously fucking hate being a woman. Sorry if I offend, but being a woman just seriously sucks.

Women owned and operated

After being repeatedly molested at my previous place of employment, I was pleased to find a company that is owned and operated by a group of sisters. Heck, one of them received an award for being a woman in the industry. I figured I would be safe there.

I work in metal stamping. There’s probably not very many women who do. Still, I was surprised to find myself the only female on our shift. I’ve learned a lot in just over two months and have never backed down from a tough job. Aside from terrible jokes, I’ve never made the excuse of being a female.

Did he seriously just say that?

Yesterday, laser was cutting these really large parts. This is a real conversation I had about them.

Head Laser: It’s a four person lift

Me: I’m a person

HL: Yeah, but you’re the wrong kind of person

What? The wrong kind of person? What makes me the wrong kind of person exactly?

I cracked a joke about me being so small (I’m not) that I would probably be a hindrance, and I walked away.

From the table where I was sent to do busy work I watched them 3 man lift those 4 person lift parts. Of those 3 men, two hold the same position as me, though they make a few dollars an hour more than I do.

The third was the same man who’d said I was the wrong kind of person for the job. He told my husband (who was one of the 2) that he didn’t want me to hurt myself.

So, that happened

I’m a woman in a man’s world. I’m a woman who works to help support her family. I do my job, and so far as I know I do it well. Today, I was told I can’t do my job simply because I’m a woman. Today I watched them violate OSHA regulations rather than let a woman do her job.

Today I was told that I am the wrong kind of person just because I am a woman. I’ve never heard someone say that I’m am the wrong kind of person before in my life. It was heartbreaking. Devastating. Awful.

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